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We are living in a far more technologically-advanced world than a decade ago. Average broadband speeds have increased roughly five-fold in the last ten years, enabling businesses and individuals to do far more online in much less time.

Consequently, cloud services are booming. Most data is now stored in the cloud. Big data turns into an industry with all its enormous advantages and risks. Today, businesses take it for granted that documents can be shared online, emails are available on every device and databases are accessible from everywhere. The downside of this widespread use of technology is a rise in cyber crime and security leaks in general.

CDSEC Solutions LLC is an independent consulting company specialized on IT security consulting, support and manged security services.

We are offering a holistic approach on information and data security and will bring awareness and how-to to our customers. This all gets reflected in our service and solution offering.

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When identifying threats, there are two major types:

Addressing Insider Threats

Insider Threats

Insider threats can be devistating. Identifying the right products is critical for proper threat detection.

Addressing Outsider Threats

Outsider Threats

You have several solutions when it comes to protecting the value of your company from outsider threats.

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